Thursday, January 29, 2009

New year visitor 新年访客

We arrived at Kajang home at about 2:00pm. Due to our tight schedule, I have no time to visit other friends in Johor Baru.

So instead, we received a visitor from Johor Baru this afternoon. Irene, one of my four god-daughters in JB, followed her boy friend to his home town in Kerling, near Kubu Baru, Selangor. She dropped in to pay us a visit.

We were happy to welcome them and have coffee together.


所以,今天下午,我们在家欢迎来自新山的访客。爱玲是我新山四个乾女儿之一,她随同男朋友飞龙回到福隆港附近的家乡科凌(Kerling) 新年一行,所以特地到加影来探访我们。


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