Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reunion dinner

We have our New Year's Reunion dinner at my Kampong (home village).

Reunion means forgiveness, reconciliation, expression of love,and rekindle kinship in the family. Family members eating together is thanksgiving and communion with God, the Creator of family. It is another form of communion Feast on the dinning table in our home.

For members of family who are away, be assure that we are in union in prayer and thought always, wherever you are.

Elizabeth (Mei) is, for the first time, away from home for Chinese New Year. Classes on the Chinese New Year may lessen your homesickness. You are always in our mind and we love you always! We will keep the Ang Pow for you and cook your favourites when you are home in July. :D

After the dinner, we left for Johor Baru at 7:30 pm to spend the New Year with my parents in law. The traffic was not heavy and we arrived at 10:30 pm.


团圆就是宽恕 、和好 、相爱及重温家庭温情。家庭成员一起吃饭,是感恩,也是与天主共融。这犹如在家庭的饭桌上,共享圣体内共融的另一种方式。




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