Sunday, February 8, 2009

Community CNY dinner 团体新年晚宴

Tonight we attended the Community New Year Dinner organised by the Ulu Langat Joint Committee of Chinese Associations and Societies.

This is one of the many Chinese New Year activities in the Ulu Langat district in which Kajang is the administrative centre. The dinner was attended by prominent businessmen, politicians, academicians and members of various associations, societies and other local folks.

Among them were the Kajang State Assemblyman, YB Cikgu Lee (Pakatan), two former Kajang State Assemblypersons (MCA), Chairman of Dong Jiao Zong Yap Sin Tian (who has just recovered from the recent broken nose incident at the New Era College) and many who is who in Kajang.

I think besides my church community, it is also my Christian's calling to be involved in local community and activities.

With 3 beauties & YB Cikgu Lee whom I respect and knew from his days as a social activist
YB 李老师,是我尊敬的人。认识他时,是位活跃的社会工作者。尚有三位美人合照


这是乌鲁冷岳县许多新年活动项目之一。加影是乌鲁冷岳县的行政中心。今晚的宴会筵开超过一百桌,参加者有商家 、 政治人士 、学者及公会 、社团成员及本地居民。

其中包括加影州议员YB 李老师(李成金,公正党),两位前任州议员(马华),董教总主席“歪鼻”叶新田,当然还有他的波比副手邹寿汉,及许多加影的知名人士。


Singer new year song, from right : R6- YB Cikgu Lee, R8-Yap Sin Tian, R9 -Former Kajang State Assemblyperson, Low Lee Ling.
合唱新年歌, 右起:右6 - 州议员李成金,右8-“歪鼻”叶新田,右9 -前任州议员刘丽玲

More pictures in YouTube 更多照片

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