Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The hope 希望

Many will not be sleeping well tonight. His Majesty Sultan of Perak could be one of them.

Everyone in the country is waiting for him to say "yes" or "no" to the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly. He has not done so yet as at now.

If he says "yes", he knows BN will not be happy. BN has announced that it has got 31 seats, three seats more than the PKR. How can a minority party be granted consent to dissolve the assembly!

If he says "no", it is a decision believed to be against the wishes of majority of his people. Not only that, it means saying yes to a bunch of thieves, corrupted and immoral animals to form a government in his state. It is disgraceful and tarnish good name of his state.

Sultan's delay in giving a decision is seemed to favour the BN. Najib has the luxury of time to seek for an audience with His Majesty tomorrow.

Another possibility is to further delay all decision and maintain the satus quo until the next sitting of the assembly. A vote of no-confidence or vote of confidence shall decide who is the winner. Winner takes all.

It was very obvious all the animals put self interest above all. They have betrayed the people who have voted for them. They have also forgotten their united struggle and common enemy before March 8.

Many others are not able to sleep at all due to anger, betrayal, sadness and frustration. I lighted a candle to pray for God's providence and protection, may good triumph over evil and may His Will be done.

With all the reasons given (DAP rep for not happy with the party leadership..), the cross-over animals not only have brought shame to themselves, also to their families, community and country.



全国的每一个人都在等待他给个答案:“是” 还是 “否” 准许民盟政府的要求,解散州议会,为补选铺路。到现在深夜为止,他还没有作出决定。


但假如是“否”定那可是违反大多数人民的意愿。除此之外,也等于说他准许一批盗贼 、贪污 、没道德的动物在他的州属组织政府,那对他的英名会造成破坏。




很多人今晚睡不着,因为在生气 、被出卖 、背叛和伤心。我只有点上一支蜡烛,向天主祈求恩佑及保护,善战胜邪恶,愿主的旨意受承行。

依据所给的理由 (许月凤是因为不满党领导。。),这批【跳槽】动物不只给自己带来了羞耻 ,也让家庭 、种族 、团体和国家蒙羞。

羞己 、害族 、辱国的盗贼

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