Monday, February 2, 2009

Ordination 晋铎

My wife blamed it on my blogging, but I think the tea I drank in the evening was the culprit! It was a sleepless night so I "got up" early this morning.

My wife and I left the house at about 7:30 am. Being a public holiday in Kuala Lumpur, the traffic was light. We went for "yam cha" and Dim Sum at a restaurant in Petaling street before proceeding to St. John's Cathedral to attend the main event - The Ordination of 5 priests.(3 Diocesan, 2 CDD)

About 70 priests from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brunei and Vietnam, and 3000 Religious and laity attended this beautiful and well coordinated ceremony.


我和太太大约在早上七时半出门。今天是吉隆坡公共假期,所以交通顺畅。我们到茨厂街一间餐馆"叹茶”吃点心,然后才前往吉隆坡总主教座堂参加压轴项目 - 五位新神父晋铎典礼。(三位教区,两位主徒会)

大约七十位来自大马 、星加坡 、汶莱 、香港 、台湾 、越南的神父,及三千名神职及信众参加了这个隆重壮观的典礼。

Entrance procession 游行进入教堂

Group photo after the ceremony 礼成后全体照

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