Saturday, March 21, 2009

Silent killer 无声杀手

Yesterday (Friday), my wife and I went to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital to visit a friend who is a diabetic.

His condition is serious. The diabetes mellitus has affected his eyesight and kidney, gangrene has set in to his two toes. Doctor is considering the options of amputation.

They are many others diabetics in the ward having the same condition - foot ulceration.

More Malaysians are suffering from diabetes. According to the latest figure, one out of 10 Malaysians has diabetes problem. My visit to the ward also served as a reminder to myself of the importance of a healthy life style.

Diabetes is a silent killer and life-style related disease. It is epidemic in developing countries like Malaysia. The complications related to this disease are appalling, being most common and serious are eyesight damage, kidney damage, nerve damage, heart problem, foot ulceration leading to amputation.

Healthy living - healthy eating, regular exercise and controlled body weight is the best prevention of this disease.

Check your blood sugar regularly, do not let the ants tell you.

Update 22-3-09: His right leg has been amputated from knee down.

Picture of our friend's foot ulceration 朋友的脚细胞坏死

昨天(星期五), 我和太太到吉隆坡中央医院探望一位患糖尿病进院的朋友。


在同一病房,还有其他的糖尿病患者,都也是有同一个病况 - 脚趾有坏死(坏疽)的现象。


糖尿病是一个无声杀手,也是一种和生活习惯有关联的疾病,在发展中国家,如马来西亚,迅速的扩张。糖尿病的后果非常惊人。这疾病会伤害视觉 、肾脏 、心脏,神经系统,也使到肌肉坏死(坏疽),特别是 脚部,可能被切除(截肢)。

健康的生活 - 正确的饮食习惯,经常运动,保持适当的体重,是防御这个疾病的最好方法。



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