Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who can be trusted 谁最可信赖

In a latest annual survey released by the Royal College of Physicians in Great Britain, doctors have been named the profession most trusted by the public, followed by teachers, professors, judges and clergymen/priests completing the top five.

I am sure the finding is not applicable to Malaysia. With the highly commercialized medical services, doctors are the most needed persons but not the most trusted people to many men and women on the street.

A complaint of stomachache can cost you a bomb. In most private hospitals, you find yourself attended by three to four specialists, charging you with each visit, running medical tests which you have no faintest idea. I called it the referral practice. Specialist A would refer you to Specialist B, B to C, C to D then back to A. From consultant physician to consultant surgeon, to gastroentrologist ... to god knows who!?

In fact, medical profession top the number of complaints among government departments according to the government's Public Complaint Bureau's figure.

The fourth placing was accorded to judges.That is in England... not in Malaysia. With the many high profile cases, Lingham incident, Mahathir's strong arm twisting with justice during his tenure, the dramatic revelation by judges themselves, the judiciary has just come out of the darkest hours and is facing public confidence crisis at this movement.

May be it is a good idea to have our own survey....!







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