Friday, March 20, 2009

The epic journey 漫长的旅途

Moving out to the port on 16-10-08 搬运到码头

They finally arrived at Aberdeen!

The two boxes we sent in October 2008 to Elizabeth containing food stuff, books, clothes has arrived safely almost 5 months after leaving the house.

The shipment from Port Kelang was OK and arrived at Manchester as schedule in January. The inefficiency and bad attitude of the local agent caused the almost 2 months delay in delivery to Aberdeen.

One box was delivered to Elizabeth a month ago. The other box was missing. After much haggling and complaining, the box was found and took another three weeks to deliver.

It almost caused Elizabeth high blood pressure. But more important, the two boxes of "homely love" was delivered to her thousands kilometers away after a six month epic journey.

2 boxes each weighed about 40 kg


我们在去年十月尾用海运寄给小女儿的两箱衣物 、食品和书本,经过了将近五个月的旅途之后,终于到达目的地。




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Pauline said...

Had an half hour conversation with Mei and among topics were about the 2boxes. She more or less adjusted herself after 6 months in Aberdeen but she pondered where is her home now after looking at things we sent her.