Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kota Kinabalu adventure 亚庇探险 (2 )

Mr. Ng (nicknamed Bengali ) & his wife Ah Kheng are jovial, amicable and friendly couple and well-liked by others. On the way to the hotel, they were seated at the back seat of the bus. They have changed their seats with two others earlier who have complained of bumpiness.

It was about 9:00 pm. Every one was looking forward to a good shower and change of clothes as the bus was nearing our apartment hotel. The bus driver Ah Chai was careful and driving at a safe speed. All of a sudden, we felt a hard bump and followed by a loud scream....

The bus just went over a railway crossing. The very uneven surface of the road caused a sudden bump, resulting in the passengers at the back seats springing up and hitting the roof. ( the last row of seats are at a higher level).

Ah Kheng saw herself hitting the roof and felt an excruciating pain on her back when her body landed on the seat again. She let out a loud scream and was in so much pain and not able to move.

We stopped the bus by the road side. Realizing the seriousness of her injury, Aidah, our guide, called for an ambulance to send her to hospital.

Calling for an ambulance was not only frustrating but harrowing experience in Sabah too. After more than 45 minutes of numerous calls, haggling, pleading, repetitive explaining, it finally arrived. By then Luke Yong has also arrived at the scene to assist. Not to aggravate her injury, it took another 15 minutes to transfer her from the bus to the ambulance. We sent her to Sabah Medical Centre (SMC), a private hospital.

Throughout the ordeal, Ah Kheng was very brave and steeled herself to bear the excruciating pain.

All in the bus was in shock and confusion. We continued our journey.

We started to sing (in Mandarin) :"My friend, we bless you, we wish for you. We wish you well, speedy recovery. We wish you peace. My friend, we bless you and wish you well forever". We just keep on repeating the song until we reached our hotel.

Upon checking in, a few of us went to hospital immediate to check on her. The doctor at the Emergency has given her an injection to reduce her pain and ordered an X-ray.

It showed no serious injury on her spinal cord except a slight dis-alignment and fracture on C5. We had to wait until the next day for a specialist opinion.

Thank God, the Specialist confirmed the finding and no treatment was needed except a complete rest in bed. She needed to wear a protective brace belt to sit up or walk. Her husband was by her side throughout the ordeal and hospital stay.

It meant that they were not able to continue their tour. Due to the unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, their tour has changed to --- a 3-day 2-night SMC health package. ( frankly, the services in SMC sucks!)

Our group heaved a heavy sigh and continued our tour as planned. In fact, when we first saw her at the hospital after her admission, her first words was " Sorry for all the inconvenience to you guys..." Aiya.. my friend, we were one group, one heart, one body maaa... don't say like that. Accident happened...just happened. We were with you and support you. Most important knowing that you were not that bad... !

After staying in the hospital for 2 nights, she was discharged and checked into Mecure Hotel at 1 Borneo to rest.

Throughout the stay in hospital and at the Hotel, Luke Yong, the Manger of the Tour Company visited them twice a day without fail and attended to their needs with great care.

She recovered well enough to travel home with us on 7-3-09. She will continue to seek medical treatment back home.

Please join us to pray for her speedy recovery.

Mr& Mrs Ng (left) 黄金辉夫妇 (左)






在亚庇,召叫救伤车也是一件可怕及受气的体验。经过了多次的电话重复解释 、诉求 、求助,救伤车终于在四十五分钟后抵达现场。这时,旅游社经理杨伟和(Luke),也已赶到前来协助。为了避免加剧伤者的伤势,救伤员小心翼翼的花了十五 分钟,才把伤者从巴士上,移到了救伤车。

在整个过程中,阿琼非常勇敢 、坚强的忍受剧痛,很配合的被移动到救伤车上。


为了安定大家的情绪,我们开始唱:“ 朋友,我永远(衷心)祝福你;朋友,我永远(衷心)祝福你;祝福你康复,祝福你平安,朋友,我永远祝福你”。。。。不停的重复诵唱,直到酒店为止。


初步检验证明她的背脊骨没有严重伤害,只是在第 C5 节有点毛裂及稍微移位,但还需等待明天骨科专科医生的诊断。



我们大家都松了一口气,收拾心情,继续我们的旅程。其实当我们在事发当晚到医院看望她时,她的第一句话就是“对不起,我使到你们扫兴。。” 哎呀,千万别说这话。。意外要发生,就是要发生的,大家都是朋友,都会团结一致的支持你,给你打气的!只要你没大碍,大家就放心高兴了。

在医院住了两夜后,阿琼也被准许出院,进住入在 1 Borneo 的 Mecure Hotel 休养。

在这几天的医疗过程中,经理杨伟和(Luke Yong)每天都至少两次到医院去探望他们,照顾他们的日常需要,无微不至。

阿琼在休息几天后,身体康复到能够撑的住,在 7/3/09 和我们一同飞回家。她将继续在这里寻求医药治疗。



queen_of_bee said...

thanks for your help, uncle.

Simon Phun said...

It was a regrettable incident... Now just pray that she has a speedy recovery...

Pauline said...

It pains to see someone suffering, what more our dear Kheng. Yes, I pray that she has a speedy recovery.