Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rite of Elect 甄选礼

Today, 12 Mandarin-speaking catechumens celebrated the Rite of Election (enrolment of names) during the morning Mass.

The Catechumens are called and chosen by God through the Church. They make their final commitment to their initiation into it through baptism, confirmation and the Holy Eucharist (The Rite of Initiation) in the coming Easter.

Their names are recorded (inscribed) in a church register which will be presented to Archbishop at the St. John's Cathedral at 3:00 pm.

The Archbishop, in the name of church, will admit catechumens of all language groups from parishes in the Archdiocese as "Elect". (more pics below)

今天早上的华语弥撒中,12 位成人慕道者庆祝了甄选礼。

天主藉着他的教会,召叫及拣选了这些慕道者。现在,他们表示了他们的意愿,在将到来的复活节,通过圣洗 、坚振及圣体圣事,进入这个教会。



Going to St. John's Cathedral 到主教座堂去

More pics on Youtube 更多照片

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