Friday, April 24, 2009

Bad time 困境

Just have tea with my friend at the Mamakshop near my office. I noticed there are 3 hawker stalls set up recently selling Malay kuih-muih, nasi lemak...

Time is bad, really really, frighteningly bad.

My friend who runs a paint factory, suffers 80% drop in business and facing difficulty in debt collection.

He supplies paint to factories manufacturing component parts of computers, electronic and home appliances (such as plastic covers). Many big names in home appliances had closed plants, or reduced production or workdays.

Where is the government stimulus lifeline?


我注意到有三档新开的路边小摊, 售卖马来糕点 、椰浆饭等。


他供应漆料给许多大型的电脑 、家电配件(如塑料外壳)制造厂。许多工厂已经关闭,有些则减产或减少工作天数。


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