Monday, April 20, 2009

Kuala Sepetang, Kuala Sangga and Pantai Remis *** 十八丁,老港,班台 ( 3 )

Pantai Remis town 班台市区

We returned from Kuala Sangga Island to Kuala Sepetang at about 3:30 pm.

All of us bid farewell to Mr. Lee for his hospitality and assistance. My wife and I continued our journey to Pantai Remis while Peter and friends heading home to Ipoh.

The state route to Pantai Remis is straight and flat lined with oil palm trees. We arrived at my god-daughter Selina's house at Kg Sg Batu forty five minutes later. According to record, Kg Baru Sg Batu is the first Chinese new village in Perak established by the colonial authority about 60 years ago.

It was a family celebrations of grandma's 70th birthday and Selina's 19th birthday. All food were cooked by members of the family - delicious home-cooked food. More than 100 close friends and relatives attended the celebrations.

Pantai Remis is a beautiful coastal town with trees and shops along the main road. We stayed a night and left for home after breakfsast (Sunday).

Selina and grandmother returned to Singapore in the evening.

New village houses 新村屋子






From left: Selina's father, mother, grandma, grandpa, aunties and cousins
左起: 欣茹的爸爸,妈妈,婆婆,爷爷,姑姑们及堂、表兄弟

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