Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chapel of St John 圣若望小堂 ( 3 )

Pahang River 彭亨河

Triang is much bigger than I expected. It is bigger than Kajang in term of area and number of streets. The section near the chapel consists of almost all new shop houses. Development has reached Triang.

Going there is rather easy by East Coast Highway. We exited at Temerloh, and another half an hour drive away along Pahang River.

There are about 30 Catholic families in Triang.

We are grateful to Mr. Tan, Mr. Jack Tan, Mr. Luke Lim, wife Cecilia and daughter Anna for their warm hospitality. They brought us for lunch after the visit to the chapel. They also took the trouble to plug some papaya and tapioca planted at the compound. We are very touched by their wonderful warm welcome extended to us.

May God bless all of you and your families, and the parishioners in Triang all the best and success in wining back the right to the land and preservation of the chapel.

Delicious lunch with fresh river fish






Many historical pictures


Harvesting tapioca

Gift wrapped with love

See the fresh river fish? best!
--Anna (right) is a final year medical student--

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