Monday, April 6, 2009

Must win 一定要赢

Pakatan Rakyat must win Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selembau and Batang Ai by-elections. A defeat。 especially Bukit Gantang Parliamentary seat, spells disaster for the renewal movement of the people.

If Barisan wins, it means:
money politics is acceptable,
corrupted leaders are good for the country,
banning newspaper is good practice,
putting people in custodial restriction is OK,
limited freedom of citizens,
limited freedom of religion,
Police brutality is acceptable,
land grabbing by corrupted officials and greedy businessmen is tolerable,
Indian & Chinese have not contributed to the independence and development of the nation
and more......

Especially in Bukit Gantang, if BN wins, the good works and reforms initiated by the former Pakatan-led Perak state government would go down to drain.

Do not expect great changes under Najib. His walkabout in Petaling street and Little India in Brickfields are publicity stunts. Release of 13 ISA detainees is a ploy to win the by-elections. His lifting of ban on publication of Harakah and Suara Keadilan is also just for the by-election too.

By embracing the self-serving, cunning and manipulative Mahathir, Najib is moving backward. (Mahathir is campaigning at Bukit Gantang today). As Abdullah has said at his parting speech that reverting to the old order - by restricting the freedom of citizens and silencing their criticisms... - does not work but hasten the demise (of UNMO) !

Say no to corruptions, say no to immoral and corrupted politicians , say no to Santa Clause who appears only in by-elections, say no to Taib Mahmud, the chief minister in a Rolls Royce, say no to Mohamad Taib who cannot speak English but carried RM 2 million cash to shop in Australia, say no to Samy Vellu the Malaysian Robert Mugabe, say no to Mahathir, say no to Hee Yit Foong the traitor....(she got the cheek to call for a press conference in ....(where?!)...KL today!).

The by-elections is a referendum of values and morals of our society, not political parties.

Let the change and reform continue for now.

Be fair to our new PM Najib, he has at least four years to prove himself, and we will decide then.

民联必须在武吉干当 、武吉司南卯及巴当爱的补选中胜出。失败,特别是在武吉干当国会议席,就是人们革新运动的灾祸。



不要期望新首相纳吉会有大改变。他在茨 厂街及小印度地区所作的亲民活动,只是搞公关的技両;释放十三位内安法令拘留者是为了要赢得这三个补选而作;撤销回教党及公正当的党报也是同一个目的。他成了首相後,到访星洲日报更是高招,以后该报只有报喜不报忧了!

招揽那位只为私利,善搞阴谋,老奸巨猾的马哈迪回巢,证明了纳吉是开倒车。(马哈迪今天在武吉干当开始了拉票行动)。正如刚卸任的阿都拉在告别讲词中提到, 巫统要是到回以前的旧路线 -压制人民的自由,打压反对者,- 是条死亡之路。。。

所以,我们要拒绝贪污,拒绝不道德及腐败的政治人物,拒绝只有在补选才出现的圣诞老人,拒绝坐在罗斯劳斯上的沙劳越首席部长泰益,拒绝那个不会讲英语,但 手提马币两百万到澳洲购物的另一个泰益,拒绝好像京巴布维总统慕加比的三米维鲁,拒绝马哈迪,拒绝走狗许月风。。。(她还有脸今天在。。(哪里?)。。吉 隆坡开记者招待会。。!





Anonymous said...

very well said and very true.....but i guess most ppl ARE blinded by money....and money is the root of all EVIL......

Simon Phun said...

Yes, but not just money, it is the ill-gotten, corruption money that is the root of all evil!

Tonight will know the result... keep our fingers crossed.