Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Annual fellowhship 常年交流会

More than 260 legionaries from East & West Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong and US are making their way by direct flights or connecting flights to Taipei. They will be welcomed and joined by more than two hundreds local legionaries in Taipei for the 17th Annual Fellowship of Chinese Speaking Legion of Mary which will be opened on 4th June 2009.

I will be leaving for Taipei on MAS 9:40 am flight at KLIA tomorrow (3rd June). This is my 17th year of participation in this annual fellowship.

This is a gift of God. Through Divine Providence, I am able to visit many places, meeting many people, fellow legionaries, Catholic brothers and sisters. This is the universal dimension of the Catholic Church.

The recent bout of "thunder flu" has weakened me physically (age is catching up?!?). Then coughing followed (which my wife is taking over...she is coughing badly) , then a dizzy spell. I have to see a doctor this evening to get some medication for my vertigo.

And I got the news this afternoon that the young girl from Ipoh who is undergoing treatment in Tung Shin Hospital, her condition is deteriorating. I was not able to visit her.

A fellow legionary who was bed-ridden for the past ten years was also admitted to Kajang hospital due to lung infection. I manged to visit her this evening. Her condition was not optimistic.

I would bring them with me in my thought to the fellowship gathering where we will celebrate Mass and worship every day, May God have mercy and comfort the two sick persons in their time of need.

As WIFI service is available at the place of our stay, I am bringing along my laptop so that I can share my activities with you all at the soonest instance.

May God bless us a successful, peaceful and joyful fellowship.

welcome you in Taipei 台北欢迎你们
Taiwan Legion president spoke in Singapor 2008

大约二百六十名来自东、西马,汶莱,星加坡,香港及 美国的华语圣母军,现在正取道不同的路线,直飞航班或转机,朝向目的地 - 台北。他们将会受到超过两百名台湾军友的欢迎,一同参加在台北举行的第十七届马、汶、新、台华文圣母军交流会。这项集会在六月四日至七日,假台北剑潭青年 活动中心举行。










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祝你一路顺风,到台湾畅 "疯"一下。



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恭喜你了,老吴。。。。 大好事!

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