Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Taiwan Fellowhsip 台北交流会 (1)

I got up this morning at 5:45am. Surprisingly, I slept quite well last night.

I was asked to use Electronic check-in Kiosk at the airport for the check in. The machine sucks!...
I have completed all my check in details but the machine did not print out the boarding pass. I was referred by the staff to queue up at row E for normal check in which I have already done so at the kiosk. I protested to the staff and was brought to a check in counter... sorry, we cannot printout the pass for you, please queue up at the C1 (which is a baggage depository counter).

I have wasted good 25 minutes for my check in... so much for the convenience of electronic check in.

However, it was compensated by the good in-flight service provided by the stewardess on board Boeing 747.

Arrived Taipei at about 2:00pm. A group of us from KL, PJ and Kepong were welcomed warmly by the Taiwan legionaries. Fr. Lucas Ng, who is in Taipei, also at the airport to meet us.

The fellowship is being held at Jian Tan International Youth Centre at Shi Lin, Taipei. It was just opposite the historical landmark Yuan Shan Hotel. The place is clean with beautiful landscaping. From the window of the room, I can see the Taipei 101 at a far distance.... not a bad view.

Immediately upon checking in, we went to the famous Shi Lin night market which was about 10 minutes walk from the centre for our lunch ( at 5:00pm ??!)

There I feasted myself to the renowned Chou Tou Fu and Taiwan sausages....and others..

I am blogging at the cosy lobby of the centre with free wifi access.

我今早五点四十五分就起床了。 出乎意料的,昨晚还睡的不错。


不过,这个不便,至少在乘坐的 747 航机空务员的殷勤服务,获得抵偿。




当然我绝不放过我最喜欢的: 丑豆腐,台湾香肠。。。。。


Fried chou tou fu

Taiwan sausages

Left:our hostel, right: Taipei 101 at distant

Warmest greetings to Pauline my wife... from Taipei

While on the way to the airport on board the taxi, I realised have forgotten to bring my camera. All pictures were taken with my phone camere, a Sony Ericson K750.



Pauline said...

My dear husband, didn't I remind you about camera, chargers, etc. last nite and this morning again. Take care of your tummy and fried stuffs!

Simon Phun said...

Man without wife's company called....poor man !!

Anthony said...


溪水信女 said...

Dear Uncle Simon,
Glad that all of you arrived safely and happily enjoying your stay and foodfair.
Thank you for praying for Lina. This morning on the way to office i went to see her, saw the doctor, he advised them to stay on and continue the chemotherapy, her brother and sister-in-law came from singapore and they decided that she stays on for the treatment knowing that it can only relieve her. Infact, my friend in the pallative care in Ipoh suggested that she goes back to Ipoh but altermately the family have to make the decision and we respect the choice they made. Just pray, she is going through very fearful stage...
Praying for all of you that you experience God through this sheng mu jun jiao liu hui!

朱兴文 said...


Agnes Yap said...

写多一点, 我们很渴望知道交流会的及台湾的事务。

Simon Phun said...

yes, Sr. we have to respect the family wishes... May God have mercy..

Peter & Agnes..到今天为止,大家都很高兴,而且,好时光刚开始呢!! 你们一定羡慕死了。。。。不过我会尽量给大家分享这个交流会的点滴。。

Ngu said...

羡慕死了,何止是他们两个呢?今天忙了些,到现在才有机会慢慢看你的 "报导"。

对喜欢拍照的人,出外忘了带相机真是 "致命伤",不过现在的手机也真不赖,拍出的相片基本上可以接受的。



Simon Phun said...