Thursday, July 16, 2009

An evening 一个傍晚

We will be leaving on Saturday for Kota Kinabalu Sabah for a week of family holidays. So we sent two little dogs down to The Farm this evening to look after by Andrew.

We have dinner at our favourite Country Restaurant.

Favourite home dishes:

1. Tou Fu Gang (soup)
2. Cekur Manis
3. Jiong Jing fish ( steamed fish)

We brought home also bundles of Pulasan fruits.

我们全家将在星期六前往沙巴亚庇度假一星期。所以今天傍晚,把两只小狗带到Farm,交给 Andrew 代为照顾。



1. 豆腐羹
2. 树子菜
3. 酱蒸鱼

我们还带回来数把Pulasan (红毛荔枝果)。