Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fr Chan died 神父逝世

Fr. Anthony Chan passed away this morning at about 9:20 am.

For the past two weeks, he has been sleeping most of the time. He complained no pain. After 7/7/09 his 53rd Ordination anniversary, he pulled out his feeding tube.

Mrs Lee who was looking after him knew that his time has come. He did not take any food anymore, sleeping peacefully most of the time - it is God's (nature's) way preparing him for his transformation and the new journey.

His body will be brought to Holy Redeemer Church in Berkeley Garden, Klang. Funeral Mass is at 11:00 am Tuesday.

May his soul rest in peace of the Lord.


在过去的两周里,陈神父大多数的时间都安睡在床上休息。但在7、7、09 ,他的晋铎五十三周年过后,他自己就把插在鼻子的食管拔出。





Pat Yeap said...

You have fought a good battle. Rest in Peace, Fr Anthony Chan.

C.K said...

God bless his soul.