Saturday, July 4, 2009

Haircut 理发

Went for my hair cut this morning at Mary's saloon.

I have no particular style for my hair... up to Mary's creativity. If she is focused, the haircut would be "smooth" and "nice". If she has customers to talk to, she would do any style as her hands and mouth dictate.

At times, a small "fairer" patch would appear on my head. Sometimes her shaver would cut my skin, bloody; sometimes, my sideburns disappear ... cleanly shaved.

Today Mary was taking to her customer next to me. The topics were Michael Jackson's death, his properties.... plastic surgeries.... his dances; then changed to pressure of stardom.... then changed to her customer's daughter participation in a beauty pageant... offer from certain "datuk" to get her top position ... Quite interesting!

I heaved a sign of relief after she has done with me in fifteen minutes. My hair seemed to be OK (right).

She has raised the price from RM9 to RM10.00.



有时我都头发会比较”百“的一小块;有事玛莉的剃刀会把我的皮肤刮伤,血流出来;有时不经意间,我的两边鬓毛会给她”铲平“, 变得两耳光光!




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