Sunday, July 19, 2009

KK holidays 2

Sabah is a land of mountains, seas and rivers, natural and open air. It is a paradise for outdoor activities. If you are "a person cannot live without air-conditioning", Sabah is not for you.

Today is Sunday, the Gaya street market is a must to go. Hundred of stalls selling thousands types of goods and wares and foods, even religious items like statues of Mary, Jesus , Rosaries.... you can buy a puppy, a chicken as well as clothing here. It is hot and noisy... an open air market should be.

Gaya street is a main thoroughfare of KK, dotted with shops especially authentic local food. We went to a coffee shop for our breakfast. The shop is famous for beef noodles, seafood noodles and baked buns.

After breakfast, we joined the crowds at Gaya street market!

left: Gaya street market

Right: Pauline telling James: authentic local kuih lapis..!

Baked Pineapple and bean buns

Beef & seafood noodles

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