Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kota Kinabalu holidays

If mountain cannot come to Mohammad, Mohammad goes to the mountain.

Elizabeth is home for holiday. Jonathan is in Kota Kinabalu (KK), due to work schedule, not able to come home to meet the sister.

So we decided to go over to KK for a reunion and family holiday.

We arrived at KK by MAS at about 3:15 pm, half an hour late. The delay is due to a broken seat buckle of the co-pilot. It took off after being replaced half an hour later..... macam macam cerita pun ada, tetapi benarnya!

Hardly have time to change, we got ready for sunset Mass at 6:00 pm. We attended Mass at the Stella Maris Church. It is a beautiful church with wooden interior.
This is the first time in almost a year that the family attended Mass together. I prayed to God for special blessings and graces for my 3 children.

I noticed the parish is in the process of implementing the General Instruction of Roman Missal (GIRM) step by step over a certain period. Besides explanation in the parish bulletin, the instructions (changes) are also being explained before the Mass - what & why.

A full implementation is expected in a month's time.

After Mass, we have sea food dinner. One of Elizabeth's favourite - crabs!

**Note: I am using my children's Mac for posting, no Chinese language available for the time being.


Agnes Yap said...


queen_of_bee said...

the food must be very good! all the plates were "cleared"!

simon in KK said...

Thanks Agnes. Looking forward to visit you soon.

Your Majesty, the food is really nice.. and reasonably priced.

Anthony said...


何保禄 said...

哎呀,大鱼大肉,小心身体啊。不过很羡慕你时常能潇洒的四处去游玩。enjoy 吧,兄弟。