Wednesday, July 22, 2009

KK holidays 8

Family holidays also means eating together, a lot!

Family prays together stays together; family eats together jells together! (who says? Me!)

Our second day in Sandakan basically spent on eating. One of Jonathan's colleagues had prepared a long list of " must eat & must see " for him.

So starting with our breakfast, we went to Jetty 7 at the water village to eat fish balls, "peidan gao"( century egg dumplings).

After breakfast, we went up to Pu Ji Temple which is situated at a hill top to have a panoramic view of Sandakan water front.

Later, we went over to St. Mary's Cathedral for a brief visit.

Agnes Keith's house is a piece of conservation masterpiece. She is the author of "The Land below the wind".

After all the morning activities, time for the famous Sandakan Bak Kut Teh - pork and fish.

Before & after - embarrassing scene

After lunch, we dropped by our friend Peter Lee's shop to say hello and have the best Madras tea/coffee in town...or among places I have visited. Later, we visited the cleanest market we have ever seen - the Sandakan market.

The cleanest market - hardly can see a fly even at the salted fish, ikan bilis stall

One of the "must" items listed is "the best coffee in Sandakan" at Equator Cafe. We took a break at this cosy cafe to have another round of latte and cappuchino.

We returned to hotel to wash up for the dinner appointment with some Sandakan friends - Jerome and wife Grace, Monica, Mary and Paul.

We had steamboat at the Trig Hill sea food restaurant at about 6:30 pm. It was on a hill top overlooking the Sandakan port.

In order to complete the "must" list, we went out again at about 10:00pm to a restaurant 918 to try out the Tan Gong Mee (spring mee). Jonathan loved it very much!

It is a long day and long list of!

"spring mee" - a slightly harder (springy) mee, fried pork, dumplings, few pieces of yao Za kui


溪水信女 said...

Uncle Simon and all enjoying holidays!
How I wish all families can make effort to enjoy holidaying and makaning together!
Now i can see you are getting back all that you lost during your cold & flu......
pls enjoy and remember to share with us that one of the vocation of laity is to build family tides this way...relax, eat, sleep, tengok sini sana (REST)loh. after jia you (tambah minyak) in all senses (physical, psychological, spiritual)you are well prepared to come for your class loh.
So happy to see all of you together!!
I here, can only join your SEEFOOD! For see only!!!

Agnes said...


Simon Phun said...

hahaha...Sr is hinting to me... while holidaying, dont forget Christifidelis Laici... vocation and mission leh!

Very pressure.. so must relax first! thanks and see you.