Thursday, July 23, 2009

KK holidays 9

A beautiful evening

My wish made more than 10 years ago finally being realised ... half of it!

I loved Sabah because of its beautiful mountains, rivers, and friends. More than 10 years ago, I told my wife, one day, our family would make a road trip by driving ourselves from Kota Kinabalu, to Sandakan, to Tawau, to see the beautiful natural scenery of the Land Below The Wind.

Although we are still short of the Sandakan-Tawau leg, and I don't think the children wanted to do it because of another grilling 6 hours journey, I have to give thanks and praise to Heavenly Father of His Graces and Blessings showered on my family.

This morning, we went to a market in Sandakan to have "Fried pork spring mee " as breakfast. We bought some Egg Tart (the best in Sandakan) for our journey.

We left Sandakan at noon and arrived at Ranau, a small town 15 km before Kundasang at about 3:30 pm to have our lunch. The 'fu yong dan"(fried egg) and "shu zai choi" were very delicious.

The day ended with a beautiful view of Mt. Kinabalu in front of us!

The popular food of Sandakan-
"Fried pork spring mee"

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