Tuesday, July 7, 2009

RCIA 成人慕道

The 17th Chinese-speaking RCIA (2009-2010 session) commenced this evening at 8:00 pm.

I have been involved with Chinese Speaking RCIA since its inauguration in 1992. With many changes in parish structure and people, including the parish priests, I found myself unable to cope up with the vigourous demands of the present situation.

More meetings, more formation, more guidelines. I am feeling tired already. No more joy in what I am doing. May be an old horse cannot be flogged, and is better for me to gallop (while still can) towards the beautiful sunset....

We have a big turn out (especially team members) in the opening session. With plenty of singing and sharing, we have a very joyful evening.

But many were disappointed with the priest who failed to turn up for the ceremony.

The husband expressed his joy seeing his wife (right) attending RCIA






Chairman of the Chinese Apostolate, Paul Lai (center, standing), lent his support.

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