Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big ego

Big ego, low esteem!

This is what I utter when I encounter driver in such situation as the picture.

The vehicle in front of me in the picture is a Toyota Hilux light truck ( like the Mitsubishi Storm, Ford Ranger..).The driver must be thinking he is driving a King of the Road ...blocking others, inconsiderate, selfish and bully just because he is driving a light truck! No one can touch me that kind of attitude.

I have many encounters with such drivers of this type of vehicles. As the Chinese saying goes: "The dog is acting up because of its owner ", so the driver is acting up because of his vehicle.

My friends, if you own one of these vehicles, please don't act up! The driver behind you may "curse": big ego, low esteem fellow! (狗仗人势;人仗车势).

Hopefully you are not the one who needs a "big" vehicle to boast you ego!

Road hogs and bullies

Mitsubishi Storm

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BB Driver said...

Very often you can see these big ego fellows... surprisingly, also small-build fellows.