Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 bushels of rice 为五斗米折腰

I bowed for five bushels of rice.

Yesterday, 090909, marked the official taking over of a manufacturing plant in a remote corner of Sg Buluh. I was representing my other two partners, witnessed by company secretary Mr. C.K Yap (middle), handing over the final purchasing payment cheques to Mdm Lim (left), the seller.

I had been busy preparing the taking over and the operation of the company for the past two months.

With the taking over, I surrendered my freedom in exchange for the five bushels of rice (in Chinese means bowed to situation in order to earn a living).

I will no longer be as free as a bird... not more flexible time to go round places.... less time for blogging.... less time for my Father (God's) business .... less time for my wife .... less time for my dogs .... less time for meeting friends.....

September is also the busiest month ever. I am moving my own office in Kajang to a new premises before the end of the month!


昨天,090909, 标志着正式接管了一间坐落于双溪普糯的制造厂。我代表了另两位股东,在公司秘书的见证下,把购价的最后款项支票,交到卖主林女士的手中。






Andrew Douglas said...

Uncle Simon, my heartiest congratulations... Please take good care of your health although I know you're always a galloping stud.

Anthony said...


Simon Phun said...

Thanks Andrew for your words of encouragement...


Adeline said...

Congrats dad and good luck!! xoxo