Thursday, September 17, 2009

My last lecture

This is my last lecture. It is different lecture from Randy Pauch and I am healthy.

Sr. Theresa Chew said jokingly that I can have a good sleep tonight. Strangely not so. It is almost midnight and I am not sleepy. May be I am very relaxing, not in a hurry to sleep.

In June, I received a call from Sr. Theresa requesting me to take a session to talk on Pope John Paul's Exhortation on 【The Vocation and Mission of the lay faithful in the church and in the world】 for the coming Theologico & Pastoral Formation course for the laity at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute starting August.

Based on my desire to learn as well, I agreed.

I took out the book which was given to me by my former Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Henriot on 24-09-1989 ( 20 years ago!). It is a wonderful and rich documents detailing the roles and calling of the lay faithful (Christifideles laici).

Being the first time to talk on Pope's (church's) document, I was under pressure (with my new business venture and shifting office added in).

Thank God for his guidance, and prayer to Mother Mary's intercession, assignment completed this evening- for better or worse.

Thank you to Sr. Theresa for the opportunity. But I don't think there will be a second one.

So, this is my last lecture!




本着自己也该学习的理念, 我一口就答应了。


左看 、右看、晚看 、早看。。。经过了好长的时候,又停顿了好长时间,终于把重点锁定,开始准备了。。。

这是我第一次主讲教会文献,心里确是有压力 (加上新生意及搬迁办公室)。感谢天主,终于完成了使命(好、坏不计)。感谢天主的助佑和仁慈及圣母的转祷。


Attentively taking note 专心聆听及做笔记


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Ray here: Don't worry. The more we give, the more blessing we get from the Lord. Amen.

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