Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The burden 包袱

Carrying Elizabeth's backpack at the airport

The modern couples do not want many children, two is more than enough. The main reason is the heavy cost of bringing up children especially on education.

I have already reached the age of "knowing my fate", but still carry the burden of children's education - Elizabeth, my youngest daughter's education. The burden would be relieved upon her graduation only.

After two months of home holidays, she went back to Scotland last night by MAS flight via Amsterdam.

Due to carelessness, just before leaving for airport, we discovered her luggage was 28 Kg, way above the 20 Kg allowance. In an international route, overweight is very costly.

To be sure, we took out some items at the airport and weighed at the counter - it was 27 kg! The counter lady staff was very nice and friendly, she enquired what was inside the bag that weighted so heavy. My wife told her mostly necessity items for Elizabeth such as health care and stationary items. She asked the staff to allow the extra weight.

She took awhile to consider and replied:" Not 27 kg, but allowed you 25 kg only".

We were surprised by her kindness. But on the other hand, worried about the connecting flight from Amsterdam to Aberdeen (Scotland). The other airline may not allow 25 kg and the extra charges could be much higher than in Malaysia.

We voluntarily reduced to 23.2 kgs. It passed safely.

Another kind soul, another overweight problem solved, another occasion to thank our Blessed Mother. In fact, the moment I reached airport, I started praying:"Hail Mary, full of Grace, help Elizabeth's luggage overweight....Hail Mary, full of Grace, help Elizabeth's luggage overweight..."

Mother Mary got for us 25 kg, but we were too afraid to take it all..... thanks anyway Mother!

Elizabeth and her course mate, Jocelyn. 女儿和同学



我虽已进入知天命之年,但仍然要背负最后一个孩子 - 小女儿的教育。这包袱只有在她毕业之后,才宣告“释担”。



为了肯定,到了机场,在停车场拿了一些物件出来,然后到柜台秤秤,确是超重过多了- 27公斤!柜台的小姐非常友善,问问里面有什么东西这么多重。太太和她谈谈是女儿读书用品及一些保健品。再问问她可否通融,给予“过关”。

那位服务小姐思考了一会,“好吧,但决不能27 公斤,我给你25公斤吧!”



这是又一次的遇到好人,又一次的过关,又一次的要感激圣母。。。。因为我一下车的时候,就开始念: “万福玛丽亚,你充满圣宠,求你相助,过重的包袱。。。” “万福玛丽亚,你充满圣宠,求你相助,过重的包袱。。。”


Cousin Aileen (2nd left), husband John (5th left) and children brought "yong tou fu" and roast duck for farewell dinner

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