Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Malay neighbour 我们的马来邻居

This evening, our immediate Malay neighbour, Alwi and Jalina, invited us over for a simple Hari Raya meal.

Alwi is a fire station chief, simple and humble man. Jalina is working for an oil exploration company in KL. They have two children (left).

We have a cosy chat after meal. We talked about bring up children, teenage problems, our dogs, fruit trees....their mango tree bored fruits after 13 years...they are so excited to share the fruits with neighbour and friends..... AND former Prime Minister Mahathir's open house tomorrow...


Alwi 是救火局局长,为人随和谦虚。他的太太Jalina 是在一家探油公司工作。他们有两位孩子(左)。


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