Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wedding season 结婚的季节

David (middle) and the bride and groom 老总和新郎及新娘

The "ghost" seventh lunar month is over, the "good luck" eighth lunar month and wedding season begins.

I am sure many of you have received wedding invitations. This weekend I have 2. So me and my wife split went our separate way. She went to the wedding invitation in Kajang while I went to the wedding dinner of David Chia's second son in Kuala Lumpur.

David Chia has a wide social and business network. His dinner guests included friends and business associates from China, Taiwan and USA.

Superior General of CDD Rev. Fr. Stephen Ng (pic right), David's old neighbour, veteran lawyer and former Secretary General of MCA Tan Sri Kam Woon Wah,old acquaintance Theresa Kok, the MP of Seputih and Senior Exco Selangor, were among the distinguish dinner guests.





Dr & Mrs Lim Thong Kiat, Theresa Kok (her blog SASSY MP)

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