Saturday, October 31, 2009

All saints and All souls

The Catholic Church celebrates All Saints Day on November 1. It is a day honouring the saints, known and unknown.

The solemnity of the saints would be celebrated in the church.

The following day, November 2, is All Souls day, remembering all the faithful departed. Masses would be celebrated in the church as well as in some cemeteries.

Catholics will visit the graves of their loved ones, bringing flowers, lighting candles and offering prayers. (Like the Chinese Qing Ming festival )

This is a great event and doctrine of our Catholic faith - the spiritual communion of the mystical body which comprises the triumphant church (saints in heaven),suffering church (all souls purifying in purgatory) and the pilgrim church ( the livings on earth). It is called the Communion of Saints.



教徒们都会到亲友或先人的坟墓,献上鲜花,点燃蜡烛及祈祷 (正如华人的清明扫墓)。

这是我们天主教会一个重大的节日及信条。我们教会的三个层面 - 胜利的教会(天上圣人),苦难的教会(所有已亡,在炼狱中受净化的灵魂)和旅途中的教会(我们),互相共融。我们称之为『诸圣相通』。

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