Monday, October 19, 2009

Death 死亡

Sunday morning got the news that a friend's sister in law in Batu Pahat, Johor passed away. Eight of us in 2 cars went down to pay respect and condolences to the deceased and family.

We believed " silk gold"( a.k.a.white gold or funeral donation) is not as important as our personal presence at the funeral to be with the family of the deceased. I have attended many funeral wakes without giving any donation.

The wake was held at the bright, airy and comfortable funeral parlour of the Grace Church in Batu Pahat. A beautiful, dignify and solemn prayer ceremony was held at 9:00pm. It consisted songs, praises, gospel readings, eulogy, sharing and words of thanks from the family.

I felt the tremendous solidarity, love and care offered by the community to the deceased and family nurtured by their common faith - love of God.

However, we were informed that at another funeral parlour within the church compound, a wake was held for a young man (30) who was stabbed and killed in Petaling Jaya two days ago by robbers who robbed him of his notebook at a fast food restaurant. This is another tragic case of innocent people killed by cold-blooded robbers and our deteriorating security of the country.

It was a 500Km round trip and we arrived home at 2:00 am.







We have Batu Pahat " o-jian", "rojak","otak-otak" ....for dinner.
我们的晚餐 - 巴都的蚝煎,罗惹,乌达乌达。。。

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