Saturday, October 10, 2009

Embarrassment 尴尬

"I am surprised and humbled..." as US President Obama responded to his Nobel Peace Prize.

If he is really humbled, he should add: "...and embarrassed to be awarded a peace prize!”

What Obama has achieved so far..... in less than a year where other peace prize Laureates took a life time to accomplished? Nothing except star fame!

The Oslo committee must have drunk by Obama's fame.

The world is not at peace much better than before Obama. Middle East has no peace, Dharfu is still a killing field, arm race is still going on, millions of people are dying daily because of wars and conflicts, US had sent (and planning to send) more troops to Afgan and Iraq. Islamic countries are still at confrontation with the West, North Korean is flying their missiles all over Japan sea...

Obama is famed for his elegance, eloquence, charismatic.... but in truth, he is long on rhetoric, short on substance.

If at all his only worthy citation is bringing people together, inflamed the desire of peace, then Michael Jackson is a better choice.

It is the Embarrassment Oscar of the year! This is an award built on fantasy..

"What? so far...I am only smiling and ain't done nothing yet!"



奥巴马在不到一年的时间,到底成就了什么 。。。。而以往的和平奖得主得需穷一生才能够成就的?没什么,他只成功的达到了一位巨星的知名度。






“什么? 我只是在笑而已,都还没开始做呢!”

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