Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun in month of the Rosary 玫瑰月的乐趣

Praying child Rachel, 5 祈祷的小孩,5岁

Fun in Rosary month.

Tonight the host "amah" (aunty) decided to cook mutton and chicken curry for members of the BEC.

After the Rosary, we have a hearty putumayam+mutton+chicken curry.

During the month of the Rosary, BEC members have the opportunity to meet up, praying together, share and enjoy the fellowship. ( usually simple drinks)


今晚的主人家阿嬤(amah)特地煮了羊肉和鸡肉咖里,来款待到来参加家庭玫瑰经的 BEC 成员。

在玫瑰月里面,BEC 成员有机会集聚,祈祷,谈天和用茶点(通常都是简单的茶水)。

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