Friday, November 20, 2009

Auntie Pat

When Auntie Pat feeling sick, what do we do?

Her younger sister Sui Lan would cook all her best .... nasi lemak, prawn mee, sambal, fried honey pork ribs....

Her nieces and nephew would come back early to be with her. Many friends would come to the house ... so called house party... also called eating feast....

And The Must ... Auntie Pat's favourate past time - Mahjong!

当Aunty Pat 有病时,我们会做什么?

她的妹妹会煮好多拿手的食物 。。。椰浆饭,虾面,蜜糖排骨。。。


当然不能够少了Aunty Pat 的最好。。。麻将!

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