Monday, November 9, 2009

Burglary 爆窃

About 15 years ago, my friend, a land owner, developed his land jointly with a developer and gotten me a unit of ground floor 2 room-flat.

A friend stayed there for a while, but was vacant for the past five years. We used it to keep our old furniture, books and other household items.

Last week, I discovered the flat has been burglarised! It was the work of those stayed in the same unit.

My first dinning table bought 30 years ago was taken away, together with two single beds, an old old TV set.... and many old National Geographic magazines.

This is my first experience with burglars! I felt angry and frustrated ....






Children childhood toys

30 years old dinning chair


Kueen Lizzie said...

No police report?

Simon Phun said...

The break in happened during Hari Raya, when we discovered, already more than one month... so no point to report...I think it is the first floor or second floor guys did it...

Your project models still intact..can discard them?

Jonathan said...

Oh no. This is sooo sad Dad. If I hadn't read your blog I wouldn't have known (mum called me on 11/11 but nothing was mentioned of it).

I was just hoping one day that we could use back the round dining table :(

On the bright side, all 3 of my soft toys are in tact..especially my favorite tortoise given by Auntie Lee.

Kueen Lizzie said...

What are they? Can throw the mask if it's there