Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Sunday evening 我们的星期天傍晚

今天下午,我和太太到吉隆坡中央医院探访 14 岁的Fabian, 他自出生后,大腿骨和盘骨位置不合,年纪越大,走路就越痛。








太太建议我们用常用的灵丹 - “万福玛丽亚,你充满圣宠,求你。。。”。我觉得这是小事,为吃而已,还是不要劳烦圣母吧。。。



第一辆没停下,直驶过。。。第二辆也 没有停。。。



In the late afternoon, Pauline and I went to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital to visit Fabian, 14 years old boy with a dis-aligned thigh bone, a condition since birth.

He was put under general anesthetic to allow the doctor to make adjustment -twisting the thigh bone into the hip socket. He needed to have complete rest in bed for two weeks and under 5 Kg of traction.

In the same ward, there were few other young men suffering from various pediatric condition.

A 14 years old Indian boy had a piece of flesh torn off from his calf in an accident. Daily cleaning caused him shouting in pain. Doctor has not decided what to do with his wound..

A 25 years old young man broke his left thigh bone .... 3 days gone and still waiting for his turn for operation.

A 14 years old boy with flat feet has been operated on.He needed 3 months to recover....

May God bless them all speedy recovery...

On the way home, we had banana leaves dinner at an Indian restaurant.... The restaurant is situated at the Kajang town center, finding a parking space is quite difficult, more so if near the restaurant.

Pauline suggested to use our tested method..."Hail Mary full of Grace...." I said better not to trouble mother Mary for such trivial matter... food only....

But in a jest, I said to get a place near the restaurant during dinner time is a miracle...

Nearing the restaurant (30 metres), two cars were in front of us. We saw a car reversing out of the parking lot right in front of the restaurant.....

First car drove past, not stopping.... second car also not stopping to park.......

It was a miracle..... Mother Mary knew what we wanted even though we did not ask..... She helped us any way.....!!!

Thank you my Mother!

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