Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Electrifying 触电


Through a friend's recommendation, out of curiosity, we went to see an old master to relieve our muscles and joints pain.

He is not a sinseh, not a medium, not a faith healer but a man with electricity! When I touched him, I got electric shock! (like static shock sometimes when you touch on car doors, appliances...zizi...zi..zi.ziziz)

He uses his body electricity (regulated) to stimulate our pressure points, causing electrifying sensation and twitting of muscles and limbs, thus smoother the flow of chi and blood circulation in the meridian. It is like acupuncture without needles and low voltage electric current but much more comfortable.

I enjoyed the treatment lasting about 10 minutes.

My wife and I felt much relief and relax after the treatment. It is RM 20.00 per session and we have done 3 sessions so far.

Is it effective ?... may be a few more sessions and a little time to see the result.








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