Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soldiers of Christ 福传尖兵

At noon, I went to the church to distribute "Evengelisation 99" latest DVD and periodicals to members after the Chinese Mass.

Met a group of parishioners from St. Francis of Asisi, Cheras who came to our church to promote gospel song book + CD and New Year red packets. The proceeds goes to their church building fund.

They love God "with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and all your strength.." (Mark 12:30). They love God with actions!

I felt embarrassed with my slipshod action (compare with their enthusiasm and commitment )... too embarrass to mention lah !

More so when they mentioned they distributed 50 c0pies of " fang xiang" periodical in their parish compare with 20 copies in Kajang!

May God gave them special blessing of Graces in their endeavour.

Courage0us soldiers of Christ 福传尖兵


我遇见了一群来自蕉赖圣方济亚西西堂的教友,到来推销他们出版的圣歌歌本, Mp3 光碟及红包袋。所有的收入,都归他们圣堂的发展基金。

这群教友,爱主如耶稣说说的 “全心,全灵,全意及全力” (谷12:30)。他们以行动来爱天主。

与他们相比,我的粗拙行动,真惭愧 (与他们的热忱和投入相比) 。。。太惭愧,不便启齿!

更惭愧的是他们在堂区推销50 份 【方向】季刊,而加影只有 20 份而已。


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