Friday, January 15, 2010

Grinding teeth 咬牙切齿

About two years ago, during a checkup the Dentist asked me whether I have the habit of grinding teeth (bruxism). I said no.

Two months ago, I realised that I was grinding my teeth ... it must have been going on for years, otherwise the dentist would not ask me that question.

I grin teeth not during my sleep, but while driving!

I made this new discovery about two months ago while driving. I was actually clenching my jaw tight and grinding molar teeth while my hands were on the steering wheel, irrespective the car was moving or stand still.

This has become a habit....

大约在两年前,在做牙齿检查的时候,医生问我是否有咬牙的习惯。我说没有 。





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