Thursday, January 28, 2010

Help is no help 越帮越忙

Help is no help.

In business, I hold true to trustworthiness and integrity as the two most important factors in securing credit from suppliers. (it may have changed in present time.

I prepare payment to creditors on time or when fund is available, whichever comes first. I take great pleasure in calling suppliers that the cheques are ready for collection, instead of them asking when the payment is ready.

Ten days ago, happily instructed my clerk to call supplier C cheque was ready for collection. And happily, staff of C collected the cheque."

3 days later, not so happily my bank called me to informed that the cheque has been returned due to "short of one signature".

Ala-mak, I have forgotten to sign on the cheque!

I called up to apologise to my supplier of the mistake and will issue a new replacement cheque.

In order not to trouble my supplier to come again to collect the new cheque, I told them I will bank into the company's account in UOB bank. They happily gave me the account number.

Next morning, I happily called up to inform my supplier that the cheque has been banked into UOB bank in Kajang.

While driving to office, I glanced at the bank-in slip resting on front passenger seat, to my horror, it was not UOB bank but OCBC bank!

I banked into the wrong bank! There is no UOB bank in Kajang but OCBC Bank!

You can imagined the embarrassment when I called up my supplier to inform about the slip up AGAIN !

I was busy the whole morning getting a new cheque signed (required another director's signature), writing to the bank to stop payment........

My help was not helpful at all. Finally, the cheque was collected by the supplier's staff personally, the second time...!




十天前,我就是高高兴兴的通知供应商C,可以来拿支票了。C 的员工也高高兴兴的过来收了张支票。

三天后,我不很高兴的接到银行的来电通知,告知我给C 的支票退票了,因为缺少一个签名。



为了不必麻烦他们的员工再来一次收取支票,我通知 他们我会直接代他们进入户口。他们也很高兴的给了在UOB 银行的户头号码。



我马上通知我的供应商。你可以想象当时的尴尬 。又一次的搞错。




Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ... UOB & OCBC!
You are very very "old Flower eye"~老花眼!

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