Thursday, January 28, 2010

Visit by old friends 老朋友到访

Today my old friend Ah Soo (see Talking about old friend) and Alvin Wong visited me at my Sg Buloh office.

Alvin (right) was my main supplier when he was in Mobil Oil (m) Sdn Bhd and ExxonMobil (M) Sdn Bhd after the merger of the two oil giants. Later, he opened his own company and continue to be one of my suppliers.

Since my "exile" in Sg Buloh, this was the first visit by Alvin.

Having Ah Soo as company, there was never a dull moment. We poked fun at one another... during lunch, during "business talk".... and about his old old old hand phone. Again I threw his old phone on the floor to show Alvin what happened in my office as stated in old posting "taking about old friend". We laughed our heart out!

These two "jokers" accompanied me to buy a watch for my wife's 50th birthday! (edited 30-1-01)

It is obvious which phone belongs to who

今天我的老朋友苏初开(看旧帖子谈谈老友)及Alvin Wong 到我双溪普糯的办公室探访我。

Alvin (右)以前在无比石油有限公司(Mobil Oil (m) Sdn Bhd) 工作,是我的主要供应商。后来无比及埃森两间巨头油公司合并,成为ExxonMobil (M) Sdn Bhd 后,我们的生意继续来往。后来他成了自己的公司,也成为我的供应商之一。

这是 Alvin 第一次到双溪普糯拜访我。

有阿苏在,从来不会沉闷。 我们谈笑风生,有说有笑,暗讽明刺。。。极尽戏虐。总之是无所不谈,包括老苏的很旧很旧的手提电话。我还把它丢掷在地上,重演给Alvin 看。我们都开怀大笑!



queen_of_bee said...

phone model is not important. as long as it still can ring-ring, halo-halo & sms, then phone is fine.

Simon Phun said... also so old fashioned kah!This Nokia 3315 is really really and white only!