Friday, January 8, 2010

Not helping

Are we helping the situation?

Received SMSs in the evening:

" cars w rosaries or crosses smashed in Bangsar. Adv that we remove for d time being".

" Hi, pls remove rosaries and all religious articles from your cars now. They are smashing cars with christian articles.Started all over bangsar.... protest going on now in PJ n Shah alam. pl forward urgently 2 all "

Looking at the messages, the situation was grave. Were guys with good intention helping the situation by forwarding these messages all over places? Have they checked them out from the source? one incident, different version stories?

Take down the rosaries, crosses in your car... what about the holy pictures and crosses at the doors of houses.... take them down too...???! Does the messages suggest to us to hide?

The second message was sent by my non-Christian friend. So I forwarded back the message to him with a little alteration:" Hi, pls remove rosaries and all religions articles AND HIDE UNDER YOUR BED". I knew he could take the joke.

I dared not do the same with my fellow Catholic brethrens who sent the same messages ... they are "pious and religious" people. Don't "pray pray" with them....

In the evening, the situation in Klang Valley was calm and normal. IGP read out the above message at a press conference.

People enjoy sending such type of messages thinking they are doing something right... or contributing something ..... WHAT?

The most sensible SMS of the day:

"Let us pray the Rosary at 9:00pm tonite at home with our own family 4 d safety of churches, priests, pastors, religious bros n Sis, peace an end 2 today's episode".

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