Saturday, January 30, 2010

Opportunistic 浑水摸鱼


When go visiting during Chinese New Year, usually we bring along some gifts - Mandarin oranges is a must, sweets, biscuits, groundnuts and other sweet tidbits. It symbolises bringing good fortune, bountifulness and happiness to the house.

You can find these items in hypermarkets, supermarkets and mini markets.

Recently, I bought 2 of each famous brands groundnuts from a hypermarket at offer price. Very disappointed. The ground nuts tasted awful and a mix of not-so-fresh nuts... I loved groundnuts but difficult to get the good groundnut taste of yester-years.

My wife bought a packet of red date from another hypermarket. When we opened, got a shock to find the content inside - the weight was correct as stated but it filled up half of the box only. It was supposed to be seedless, but many were with seeds. It contained 11 pcs only. The packing exactly same as another old and famous brand in the market. Watch out for brand and weight, do not be confused by the similar packaging.

Opportunistic tactics during Chinese New Year.





太太前两天在另一家霸级市场好奇的买了一包红枣,因只卖不到一块钱。回来一拆,可真惊讶(看图)。里面的红枣只有十一颗,虽然是说无核,但大部分都有核。它的重量正如盒上注明80 克,但只占不到半盒。这个牌子,和另一老牌子的盒子一模一样,但牌子不同。



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