Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wedding dinner 婚宴

This is one of the the peak seasons for marriages.

Today we have to attend a wedding lunch and a wedding dinner.

Our friend Pee See Jiao from Tangkak also have a wedding dinner to attend tomorrow in Kajang. So with husband and son, they come a day earlier and dropped by our house. They brought us fruits from their farm, Roti Kok (baked bread with margarine and sugar) and Lui Cha paste concentrate (Hakka specialty)....

We just come back from the wedding lunch... one down, one more in two hours time.

P/S: We left for PJ Hilton at 6:00 pm. After the dinner we reached home exactly at 12:00 midnight...what a tedious "job"! (added 31-1-10 @12:45 pm)





后记:我们在傍晚六时正启程赴八打灵的晚宴,在午夜十二时正回到家。。。多么吃力的“工作”!(31-1-10 12:45 pm加上)

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