Tuesday, February 2, 2010

癫狗发疯 Mad dog















the difference? one standing, one sitting.

I have a Chinese neighbour few doors away who keeps 2 huge Rottweiler dogs. They allowed their dogs run out of the house and frighten the neighbourhood.

I have spoken to the couple many time not to allow their dogs to run round the neighbourhood in which majority are Malays. Malays do not keep dogs, thus are frighten of them. They refused to listen.

The dogs terrorised the neighbourhood and even attacked my dogs at my gate, causing serious wound at the head of one of my dogs.

It reflects the insensitivity and the selfish and bad attitude of the owner.

Today, a dog of Prime Minister Najib was let loose in Melaka during a "Rapat Malaysia" seminar organised by the Information Ministry to promote Najib's One Malaysia concept.

This mad dog by the name of Nasir Saffar who is a special assistant to the Prime Minister, instead of encouraging equality and unity in the country, he labeled the Chinese and the India as "pendatang” (in Malay) or "immigrants" (in English). The Chinese and India are immigrants but now enjoying life in Malaysia, ignored the contributions of Chinese and Indians towards the development of the country for the past 53 years.

According to news report, he also remarked that the Chinese women came over here to "sell their bodies" and Indians came here to be "beggars"!

He also warned that if they (Chinese and Inida) make too much demand on education issues, he will revoked their citizenship....

This is a really mad and stupid dog. But being sent by the owner (Najib), his behaviour and utterance do reflect on the thought and attitude of the owner!

MCA and MIC representatives left the seminar in protest. I think they are too soft towards this mad dog. They should throw shoes and chairs to chase this mad dog out of the venue instead they themselves left the place. Stupid fellows! ( I threw stones at my neighbour's dogs to chase them away)

In the evening, I heard from the news that this mad dog has apologised and resigned from his post. What next? as if nothing had happened? forgive and forget? case closed?

This is a grave matter. What will the MCA and MIC do on this matter?(their representatives were participants in this seminar)

Samy Vellu at least got the courage to ask the mad dog be charged under the Sedition Act. Ong Ti keat ?!

Let's just wait and see.

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