Saturday, February 6, 2010

Live with passion 快活乐活

Happy birthday 生日快乐

They live with passion and love.

Most of my Tai Chi group's members are over seventy years old. Many with illnesses and physical handicap. But all live happily with passion and love.

This month we celebrated the birthday of 8 members born in February. Besides plenty of food, we have " lo sang".

Not forgetting the suffering people of Haiti, members donated RM 1577.00 which will be handed over to the Church Haiti Relief Fund.

Lo sang 捞生




他们也没有忘记海地大地震受苦难的灾民,即席的筹获RM 1577.00 善款,交到教堂的『海地赈灾』基金。

For the Haitians 赈济海地灾民

Smile and be happy (Mrs Fong, left, a cancer survivor)
快活,乐活 (方太,左,癌症康复者)

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