Saturday, February 20, 2010

New year gathering 新年聚餐

Today is Ren Ri (人日 human's birthday)。It was believed that Lady Goddess made human being on the seventh today being the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, it is our common birthday. No any particular type of celebration but just be happy one more reason to greeting each other "happy birthday".

Tonight we went for Auntie Pat's family open house new year celebration.

As usual, food a roasted pig!

We were happy to be there with Auntie Pat (right pic, middle), her sisters and lovable jovial nephew and nieces.

Auntie Pat currently undergoing chemotherapy for her lung cancer. She remains her usual optimistic and cheerful self.

Me and my adorable "girl friend" Lynn.
我的可爱“女朋友” Lynn

Me and my Godson Shaun


We are The Cross gang



今晚我们到 Auntie Pat 家的新年聚餐。一如往年般,大把食物,再加上一条烧猪!

我们非常高兴的能够和 Auntie Pat (最上图中红衣) 及家人一起,特别是她的姐妹,加上她那快活,调皮的外甥及外甥女。

Auntie Pat 目前正在接受化学治疗,医治她的肺癌,但仍然保持着一贯的乐观及喜悦的态度。

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