Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A new year 新的一年

14-2-2010, fist day of the lunar New Year.

My lunar new year starts not at 12:01 after midnight but only when I attended the Thanksgiving Mass.

New year is not a new year until I have offered thanks and received blessing from God - the creator of universe, heaven and earth, sun and moon, all creatures and plants – The Father. Thanks giving Mass is the source of all blessings and beginnings.

After many years of attending Chinese New Year Masses in Johor Baru, we decided to attend Mass at our home parish in Kajang this year.

Fr. George Harrison, the Mandarin speaking priest, led the people of God in giving thanks to God the almighty for the past year and pray for continue blessings in the coming new year of Tiger.

After Mass, Fr. George led the people in honoring our ancestor at an altar set up by the side of the main altar. To my own understanding, it was not only my ancestor, not only Chinese ancestor, but also Indian, Jews or Gentiles, OUR common ancestor.

Following Chinese custom, the following were offered:

-- Flowers and wine --> symbolized our love and utmost respect to our ancestor,
-- Candles --> reminding us that our ancestor’s good example, hard work and sacrifices are the light that show us the way for us to follow,
-- Joss sticks (smoke) --> were used to mark our longing to God to hear our prayer. (same meaning of incensing during Mass)

The ceremony contained no element of worship but was an act of utmost respect and honour steeped with Chinese tradition and custom. Pope Pius XXII in 1939 had approved the ancestral veneration during Mass and found Chinese culture of veneration in the church not superstition. (Catholics honour their ancestor in every Mass)

Fr. George later gave out blessed oranges and Ang Pow to the parishioners.

A new year began …..

"Ancestor of all generation & origin"

14-2-2010 农历新年初一。


新年不新,直到我对天主献上我的感恩,及领受了他给我的祝福之后,才算是一个新年!因为天主是宇宙万物,穷处大地,太阳月亮,一切受造物及植物的创作者,也我们的父亲- 阿爸。感恩弥撒是一切祝福及开始的出泉源。





-- 鲜花及酒,代表我们至高的尊敬及怀缅。
-- 蜡烛代表先人所立的榜样,他们的牺牲及刻苦耐劳,是我们引路明灯,我们追随
-- 香枝的袅袅馨烟,是我们渴望天主垂听我们的祈祷。(弥撒中的献香意义也是如此)




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