Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reunion 除夕团圆

We have our reunion dinner at second sister-in-law house at my home village Labu. With the opening of LEKAS highway, it took 45 minutes from Kajang to my village (previously one and half hour by federal road through many small towns). We received 10 % discount on road toll charges for this festive season.

Chinese New Year in our kampong (village) is always colourful (red), warm (weather) and plentiful (food).

我们今天在新村家乡二嫂家吃除夕团圆饭。新的公路,从加影到新村,只需四十五分钟。假如使用联邦公路,需要大约一个半小时。(经过许多小镇)。路费还有10% 折扣。



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